Copper in Skincare: What You Need to Know About Copper Peptides and Colloidal Copper

While the concept of copper in skincare tools and products may sound new, it's actually an ancient beauty secret that's been used for thousands of years by civilizations such as the Ancient Egyptians. Today, scientists and skincare formulators are reveling in the skin benefits of this ancient metal—with benefits like less inflammation and improved skin elasticity just being the tip of the iceberg. So don't be surprised if you see copper become the new "it" skincare ingredient in the years to come.

To give you more insight into this spectacular metal and its skincare benefits, we've given you a brief introduction to copper's role in peptides and as a colloidal.

What are Copper Peptides in Skincare?

In recent years, copper peptides are gaining a rep as "nature's Botox." The reason? Copper peptides contain three naturally occurring amino acids that help produce collagen and elastin, aka the connective tissues that plump, smooth, and firm skin. Because copper is an element that is already involved with many of the body's natural processes, applying copper peptides topically to the skin means our body already knows how to use the molecules for optimum benefit.

The Benefits of Copper Peptides in Skincare

Copper peptides have been shown to have many skin benefits. As we hinted earlier, some of the best data on copper peptides in skincare showcase its regenerative properties, improving skin conditions associated with aging, such as reducing wrinkles, stimulating collagen and elastin production, tightening sagging skin, and reducing pigmentation.

Collagen peptides are also antioxidants, protecting the skin from oxidative damage and early signs of aging. In addition, these peptides are anti-inflammatory and have been shown to promote wound healing in several studies.

What is Colloidal Copper?

Colloidal copper is another health and skincare supplement that celebrates the natural benefits of this trace element. Colloidal copper is created when microscopic molecules of copper are suspended in purified water. Because the copper particles are so small, the belief is that they're more easily absorbed by the body.

The Skincare Benefits of Colloidal Copper

Copper is an essential trace mineral found in nearly every cell in the human body. It is especially helpful for regulating the production of collagen and other connective tissues that give our skin its vibrancy and structure. Colloidal copper can thus be used in skincare to promote and protect collagen supplies in the body, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and improving skin elasticity and firmness.

Similar to the benefits of copper peptides, a 2015 study found that copper nanoparticles promoted skin regeneration, sped up wound healing, and were antibacterial. Copper nanoparticles have also been studied for their antioxidant properties. In skincare, the scavenging of these free radicals means your skin has less sun and DNA damage, less collagen breakdown, less inflammation, less hyperpigmentation, and fewer signs of premature aging.

Why Have Copper in Your Skincare Routine?

Incorporating copper into your skincare routine, whether that's through copper peptides or colloidal copper, means that you're helping your skin defend itself against harmful free radicals that cause DNA damage and premature aging. Copper in skincare is also great for anti-aging and maintaining skin health because it boosts collagen and elastin creation, so your skin is firmer and has that hydrated, youthful bounce. 

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