The Top 7 Fall Nail Polish Color Trends You'll Want to Try in 2021

Now that fall is here, it's time to say goodbye to those bright neon nail colors of summer and say hello to the earthy solid shades we love for autumn. This season, it's all about embracing those simple, mossy greens, tonal shades of brown, rosy mauves, and natural nudes.

Keeping your nails pretty and polished is a great self-care ritual, so it's important to be using vegan, 10-free (or 7-free) non-toxic nail polish formulas. Trust us, you can still experience all the best fall nail polish color trends this year while avoiding icky chemicals like dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde. Brands like Olive and June, Bess & Color, and Dear Sundays offer beautiful shades in quality, non-toxic formulas.

Okay, now, let's get into the top nail polish color trends for fall 2021 that you're going to want to try.

Tonal Browns

Brown is this fall's hottest color, and wearing it on your nails is a great way to warm up your style and try something new. From cool-toned mocha shades to warm chocolate tones, there are endless ways to wear brown nail polish this fall season.

Barely There Nudes

Like your nails, but better. Barely-there nude shades are the perfect subtle fall polish trend for those who want to avoid the bold shades and stick to something more timeless. Sheer nude polish layered with a shiny topcoat is the best way to embrace nail minimalism this year, but be sure to pick a nude shade that suits your skin's undertones.

Mossy Greens

Inspired by the earthy green shades of olive and sage, this year's go-to green nail color is anything mossy and muted. Instead of being as bright and bold as other green shades, this mossy green nail trend is considered a neutral, especially since it complements medium and darker skin tones so beautifully.

Terracotta Shades

Another 2021 nail polish color trend inspired by the earthiness of autumn is terracotta. This earthy, reddish-brown shade (similar to the pots and ceramics you have around your home) brings a touch of femininity and warmth to your nails.

Reflective Metallics

Fall 2021's nail color trends aren't just about solid shades. Instead, it's time to let your golds, silvers, and bronzes come out to play. But really, any shade (whether that's blue, green, or red) that has some shimmer will be a total hit this season. Plus, it perfectly transitions into the glitz and glamour of the holidays.

Rosy Mauves

Transition the bright pinks of summer into rosy mauve shades for a look that's sweet and delicate with a touch of vintage glamour. Dusty pinks and muted mauves also pair perfectly with rosy cheeks from being outside in the cold.

Inky Indigos

Deep, inky blues are a beautiful way to play with darker shades this fall without venturing all the way to black. Though they might contrast against the warm autumnal shades you're used to, these inky indigo shades add a rich depth to your nails reminiscent of royal blue jewels and the deep depths of the ocean.


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