6 Simple Ways to Build an Intentional Skincare Routine

Intentional skincare is much like it sounds. It's a practice that shies away from impulse purchases and using products you don't even know much about and encourages you to turn inwards, listen to your skincare needs, and choose products more wisely. Below, we're sharing 6 ways you can build an intentional skincare routine and bring more ritual into your daily life.

How to Build an Intentional Skincare Routine

1.  Treat Your Routine as Sacred

    At Sacred Mama Organics, we believe that all things on this Earth are sacred, even your skincare routine. So rather than treating your skincare regimen as a chore, make it an experience special to you, one that you love to turn to day after day. If this means carving more than just five minutes out of your day to splash your face with water and slap on moisturizer, then do it. Making an intentional skincare ritual can look different for anyone; the goal is to listen to what your soul (and skin) craves morning and night.

    2.  Set Intention with Your Routine

      When building an intentional skincare routine, it's important you set accomplishable goals. If you want to treat acne or hyperpigmentation, let those be the intentional skincare goals you're setting.

      You can also bring energetic intentions into your skincare routine through affirmations or crystals. Each morning or start of the week, you can reflect on what energy you want to take into your skincare routine. These intentions could bring in more self-love, relaxation, acceptance, or patience. Whatever it is, hold onto that energy as you do your skincare routine, feeling it from the inside out.

      3.  Know Why You're Using Products

        Choosing skincare products because it's trending on TikTok or you liked the packaging isn't an intentional skincare practice. Why? Because creating an intentional skincare routine is all about intention (duh) and selecting products that work for your skin type and target your skin concerns or goals.

        Get connected with your skin, the products you're using, and ask yourself, "what purpose is this product serving?" If you're unsure of the answer or the purpose doesn't align with your skincare goals, it's likely not a product you need in your routine.

        4.  Listen to Your Skin

          To get connected with your skin, you need to listen to it. Because the truth is, our skin's needs and concerns change over time—even switching day to day. Your skin might be feeling dehydrated one day, so opting for a hydrating hyaluronic acid serum is a great, intentional skincare choice. If you have a blemish pop up, alter your routine to spot treat that blemish and promote healing.

          5.  Nourish Your Skin with High-Quality, Plant-Based Products

            Intentional skincare also has an environmental and ethical impact. By cutting down on the number of unnecessary products you purchase, you're not only saving time and money, but you're trimming down your carbon footprint too.

            To build a more minimal, intentional skincare routine, opt for high-quality, plant-based products from brands that are transparent and informative about the ingredients and benefits a product offers. A quality skincare product, like our Superfood Beauty Oil, will be teeming with nutrient-dense plant oils, antioxidant-rich plant extracts, and science-backed ingredients that make it well worth the skinvestment. Plus, you'll be showing yourself love by staying away from unnecessary fillers, synthetic fragrances, and harsh chemicals.

            6.  Practice Patience

              Getting results with your skincare routine takes time and dedication, in addition to setting positive intentions. So be patient with your skin and stick to your routine for at least six weeks. If you're still not seeing results after that time, consider switching things up or speaking to a skincare expert on the next best move for your skin.

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