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Who We Are

Fascinated by the powers of plants and the alchemic capabilities we possess to turn something ordinary into the extraordinary, I've been creating DIY beauty and crafts from a young age. Largely influenced by my mom to avoid toxic chemicals in and on our bodies, I wanted to share that health-conscious mindset with the beauty world.


MOVE OVER KALE! Watercress is a delicate leafy green from the Brassicaceae or Cruciferae family, or in other words…from the mustard plant lineage. Cruciferous veggies are a diverse group and include broccoli, radishes and of course, kale.

This family of veggies are rich in vitamins and minerals. What sets watercress apart from its distant cousins is that this single plant rates at the top of the aggregate Nutrient Density Index, being only one of four plants/vegetables to score a full 1000. Watercress also scores a full 100 on the Nutrient Density List for the Center of Disease Control. Take that kale!

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Backed By Research

Research on skin elasticity from the Shiseido Group™ (the global Japanese cosmetics company) shows that Type III collagen begins to deteriorate in people in their 30s, thereby skin begins to lose elasticity. Results of the Shiseido research indicate that “watercress extract works on the dermal cells and promotes the production of type III collagen.” 


Our Superfood Beauty Oil is lovingly made using natural and organic plant-powered ingredients full of vitamins, natural oils, minerals and enzymes - free from all harmful and toxic chemicals and completely non-comedogenic.

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In my 40s, my skin started to show age. I stopped using chemicals a while ago as they were not only drying my skin but also making my skin vulnerable to scars. I came across this product a few months ago. I have noticed a big difference in my skin- I feel it’s smooth and I have gotten compliments on the glow of my skin. I use it regularly. I don’t need any other products really. I would recommend this product because – it’s natural, it works, I see the results, it smells good, I feel my skin is moisturized especially in winter months. I’m very happy with my skin now.


I have always had weird skin. It was super oily in my tzone and dryer than the Sahara desert in others. Trying to find a product that combated with both issues was most frustrating thing ever. I also struggled with adult acne as well so with oil and dryness I also have very sensitive skin. This product is AMAZING and every women’s gift on earth! It’s restored my skins natural glow and dew. It’s more supple and the acne has almost completely diminished! I am So in love and thankful for this product! 5 stars is really not enough!!


I am a 49 y/o male who has always prided myself on staying in shape, but considered beauty products for men to be a metro-sexual guy thing, A few years ago , I decided to be change that mind-set and start caring about my skin. Without any guidance, I began using basic, over the counter moisturizing lotion and thought that was good enough for me. UNTIL I was introduced to Sacred Mama Organics and Superfood Beauty Oil. My skin is born again. My skin feels rejuvenated and the wrinkles around my eyes have faded dramatically. For the first time in my life, I notice my skin, actively think about taking care of my skin and I am proud of it. All because of Superfood beauty oil. Amazing product!


I absolutely love this product! As I’ve gotten older, my skin has changed and I started to get dry flaky skin on my forehead. I’ve used this product for over 6 months and it absolutely makes my skin smooth and glowing.


My friend gave me the beauty oil as a gift, I was leery of putting oil on my face, Started to use it after showering and I LOVED the way my skin feels, I noticed my skin feels smoother and it looks better. Thank you for creating such amazing product!