Who We Are

Fascinated by the powers of plants and the alchemic capabilities we possess to turn something ordinary into the extraordinary, I've been creating DIY beauty and crafts from a young age. Largely influenced by my mom to avoid toxic chemicals in and on our bodies, I wanted to share that health-conscious mindset with the beauty world.

That desire, coupled with my family's 70-year history of growing and nurturing crops, with a particular focus on watercress, began the spark that would lead to Sacred Mama Organics®. Growing up with my hands in the dirt afforded me the opportunity to truly appreciate nature's beauty and gifts and encouraged me to dive deeper. At the time, I wanted to learn more about watercress and began studying its health benefits, only to find out that watercress was the most nutrient-dense plant on Earth (and also happened to be incredibly beneficial for the skin).

Dealing with my own skin challenges of rosacea and adult cystic acne, plus the more significant issues of a sluggish liver and leaky gut, I tried different beauty products on the market in hopes of healing my skin. Still, I was ultimately left unsatisfied with the results. So I went to work creating my own products to overcome these challenges. And Sacred Mama Organics was born.

The name, Sacred Mama, is an ode to Mother Nature for gifting us with every sacred element we need to live a conscious, balanced life of health and abundance. All life is sacred, and all life comes from and returns to the Earth: our Sacred Mama. Sacred Mama Organics celebrates this gift through the magic of plant medicine and how a connection with nature (even through our skincare products) has the ability to harmonize mind, body, and heart. Because it's true what they say, healthy skin comes from within. 

Plant medicines have played a pivotal role in my life, and they continue to. My connection with nature has deepened over the years, and I believe this deep connection to the Earth's wisdom is what grants us the space to walk in beauty and light. Nature is our best and biggest teacher, and there is so much health and beauty magic we can learn from Her.

Beauty rituals have been celebrated for thousands of years and were always deeply connected with the Earth and nature's healing properties. Sacred Mama wants to bring those rituals back to the modern world by reconnecting with the wisdom of nature and bringing to life the powerful, healing plants of our ancestors.

My promise to you is to create safe and toxic-free products using an extraordinary collection of the finest plants and botanicals alongside the wonders of science. SMO products are Always Pure, Always Natural, organic, and wild-crafted whenever possible. I am here to honor nature and honor the beauty that is your skin. And I invite you to join me on this journey of exploration into the wisdom of nature, plant love, and total body healing.

Together, let's unfold Mother Nature's beauty secrets and reawaken your skin with the magic and wisdom of the Earth.