Who We Are

The importance of using natural products has been an ever present theme in my life. I am Judy Beserra, the founder and driving force behind Sacred Mama Organics®…..a life-seeker of healthy innovations, yoga practitioner, enhanced consciousness and self-awareness. I began exploring home skin care remedies when I was a teenager. As an adult, I suffered with rosacea and hormonal acne, so using natural alternatives to heal my skin furthered my commitment to natural and organic solutions. My beautiful and amazing mom suffered from skin cancer when she was young. She taught me about using all-natural formulas instead of harsh commercial products to protect and nourish my skin.  Her dedication to caring for our skin became the source of my inspiration for Sacred Mama Organics.

Starting my own business came naturally to me.  Both of my parents were entrepreneurs.  My mom was an arts and crafts aficionado and my dad was a watercress farmer for more than 70 years. Today, my brothers and I continue that legacy with watercress farms across the west coast.

The essence of Sacred Mama came to me after a few years of stagnant creativity. I wanted to create something special and effective to share with others that would help them look youthful & radiant and in turn pass on my mom’s important skin care lessons. So, I coupled my knowledge about watercress and my belief in natural and organic products to create Sacred Mama Organics, using watercress as the base of my formulas.

After endless research and lots of trial and error, we launched our signature product, Superfood Beauty Oil, in early 2019. The watercress-based oil is the first in our Sacred Mama Organics line of pure and natural skincare products that we know you will love.