Ingredient Spotlight: Dandelion, A Powerful Root

Dandelion roots hold powerful and potent properties that might surprise you. While many people see them as bothersome weeds, they are more than just tiny yellow flowers. For years, dandelions have been used in Chinese herbal medicine, and have recently made their way into Western culture as well.

Dandelion roots have a variety of benefits both internally and externally. They can be used to create a “dandelion coffee,” which is a caffeine-free alternative to traditional coffee, similar to chicory root coffee. Other uses of dandelion root include teas, powders, oils, and tinctures.

In traditional medicine, specifically Chinese and Native American medicine, dandelions (their roots, in particular) were used to treat liver and stomach conditions, which modern science agrees with now.

Even today, herbalists still use dandelions to aid treatments of many ailments, including skin problems such as eczema and acne, heartburn, high cholesterol, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, and even cancers.

While there are a variety of benefits, in this article, we will look at how dandelions specifically benefit your skin and the health of your liver.


Skin Benefits of Dandelion

Dandelions make great flowers, but they also carry powerful benefits for your skin and hair.

First of all, dandelions are rich in protective and restorative antioxidants. This makes dandelions a great supplement – natural or synthetic – for anti-aging purposes. Dandelion extract can help you nourish your skin by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and help with toning unbalanced skin tones.

Dandelions also contain detoxifying properties which help the skin purge and shed off toxins that can clog your pores, thus helping you reduce and prevent acne. This powerful botanical also helps vitamin C penetrate your skin and body to enhance its natural healing powers. This assistance will reduce the appearance of scars as well as skin inflammation.

Dandelion root can also be great for your hair. It can create stronger strands and promote growth with its robust source of vitamins A, E, and B vitamins – key nutrients needed to support your hair health.

Dandelion Is Also Good For Your Liver Health (Which Is Good For Your Skin!)

Aside from being great to your skin and hair, dandelion is also shown to be beneficial to your liver. Talk about a total body makeover, right?

For liver benefits, dandelions are often consumed as a tonic as it is said to “cleanse” your liver. Some research and evidence support this claim, demonstrating the positive impact.

But keep in mind, your liver’s function is used more than to just process last night’s alcohol or pizza. Since your liver’s function is to generally cleanse out toxins, our liver can actually benefit many parts of our body, including the skin. After all, if the liver detoxifies the body, the skin will benefit from it.

On the other hand, a poor-functioning liver can lead to distressed skin! This is why liver health must also be maintained to keep beautiful skin – and dandelions can help you with that!

Dandelion is a powerful nutrient that provides your body with extra immune-boosting antioxidants. We added this ingredient to our Superfood Beauty Oil for all the extra skin benefits! You can find our specially crafted and lightweight formula here.

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