Spring Skincare Routine Tips

When spring comes, it always adds a new energy to freshening up our routines and getting things in order. Not to be neglected is our skincare routine! With warmer days ahead, now is a good time to start thinking about transitioning to a different regimen. Whether you have been battling winter skin issues or had a good handle on it, you might need to change up some things to prepare your skin for the warm spring days (and eventually the hot summer sun).

How do we get started? Let’s take a look at some skincare routine tips that will have your complexion looking and feeling as fresh as a daisy! 

Spring clean your beauty stash

Take a look at all of your beauty tools and products. Are you hanging on to broken or unused tools? Most of the time a quick maintenance or cleaning can have most of the items as good as new! It might even be time to replace a well-used or expired article. 

Makeup brushes and sponges:

Makeup brushes are most likely the number one tool that will need a good cleaning or to be replaced. 

Product and skin cell buildup can lead to bacterial infections and breakouts, and it can also cause spotty application and decrease the usable life span of the tool. If you are already not cleaning them regularly, now is a good time to start! It is a pretty simple process, most of the time all you need is water and a gentle soap or brush cleanser. 

  • Start with warm water, and wet the bristles without getting the base wet. Wetting the base could damage the glue and might cause your brush to fall apart.
  • Place a drop or two of cleanser in your hand and massage the tip of the bristles in your palm or a cleaning mat.
  • Rinse the brush thoroughly, again avoiding the base.
  • Squeeze out the excess water, try to get the brush back to its former shape.
  • Allow the brush to dry fully before the next use. Be sure and not set it where the bristles are bent or the water can run down to the base.

 Makeup sponges are cleaned with pretty much the same process as makeup brushes. Unless they are disposable, add them to your weekly cleaning routines.

If it's time to throw away brushes or sponges you’ll know when they start coming apart and are not capable of an effective application. 


Eyelash curlers, tweezers, and nail tools: 

It is important to clean and sanitize these tools especially if they are going near your eyes or any wounds. Add this to your regular routine if you have not already. 

  • Soak your tools in warm soapy water for two minutes and dry 
  • Sanitize with an alcohol pad or an alcohol soaked cotton ball.
  • Eyelash curlers might have replaceable rubber pads that can make them as good as new.


Expired makeup products:

This step might be a little more difficult to achieve than the others. It is pretty hard to let go of a product that might still have some life left, especially if it is one of your favorites. There are several reasons to throw it out and they are pretty convincing! 

Let’s take a look…

  • Separation: Some makeup products have ingredients that could separate  after a while and you could be applying clogging oils directly into your pores, causing breakouts. 
  • Bacteria Growth: Every time you open your makeup or touch it to an applicator or your hands, you are exposing it to bacteria and germs. The longer you have it the more bacteria it contains. 
  • Dryness or discolored pigments: a product can become more compact and hard to use or begin to crumble. Sometimes it may even fade or change color. 
  • Eye infections: if you're using an expired product around your delicate eye areas it could cause infections or irritation because of the bacteria growing from exposure. 

 Most beauty products should have an expiration date from the time you open them until they are no longer good to use.  

Switch to spring and summer appropriate products

The next skincare routine to look at is what products you might be using that could be detrimental during warm or hot days. Heavy creams and lotions could counteract the fresh, cool look you are going for, maybe even causing you to sweat more.  This could lead to loss of hydration and breakouts. 

So what could be a solution?  Here's some ideas…

A lighter moisturizing oil or serum that adds targeted hydration without feeling like you have on heavy layers is perfect for milder or hot weather.  There are a lot of options to switch to depending on your unique needs. 

Of course you don't want to forget sun protection! 

Always use an SPF product even if you aren't susceptible to burning. This is very important as UV rays can cause premature aging and in some cases skin cancer. Some makeup items contain SPF protection or you could layer products.

Spring is an excellent time to renew good habits or develop new ones and it marks a transitional time. If you are feeling overwhelmed with making changes to your routine, keep it simple but don’t neglect your skincare! These simple steps can make your regime easier while keeping you looking and feeling healthy! 

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