The True Skin Benefits of Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Regular quality sleep is vital for overall health and well-being, but what about our appearance? Turns out, the term “beauty sleep” is more than just a famous phrase—it’s actually a real thing! Science has shown that there are many reasons why getting a good night’s sleep is great for your skin. If you’re not already getting a restful night’s sleep every night, these proven benefits of beauty sleep should inspire you to schedule in some much-needed R & R. 

Ready to know how you can boost your skincare results while sleeping? Find 5 proven skin benefits of getting a good night’s sleep below. 

5 Ways Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Benefits Your Skin

1. Skin Cell Renewal 

While you’re dozing off, your skin cells are hard at work dividing and repairing any previous damage. In addition, nighttime is when our skin is busy building new collagen (the protein that keeps our skin plump, smooth, and youthful) – just another reason to use reparative skincare products at night! 

When it comes to evening skincare, never skip your reparative creams or facial oils. These moisturizing emollients will help prevent water loss and support skin cell renewal.

2. Your Products Work Better, For Longer 

There’s a reason why most of our high-impact skincare products are recommended for nighttime use. Applying your “anti-aging” products at night gives your skin ample time to soak up every ingredient and go to work while you sleep. Consistent blood flow while you sleep also helps with product use and absorption, ensuring you look well-rested and glowing after a full night of beauty sleep.

3. Your Skin Gets a Much-Needed Break 

Our skin goes through a lot each day, from damaging UV rays and pollution to pore-clogging sweat and bacteria. One beautiful thing about sleep is that it gives our skin a much-needed break away from environmental stressors, where it can switch into rest and repair mode. The result? You wake up feeling fresh and radiant the next day.

4. Cortisol Levels Decrease 

Stress hormone cortisol is rampant throughout certain parts of the day, especially if you live a high-stress lifestyle or suffer from a lack of sleep, leading to puffiness, breakouts, dullness, and increased internal inflammation. When you’re getting that restful shut-eye, cortisol levels decrease, and your body (and skin) get time to de-stress. Plus, you’ll be less puffy in the morning.

5. Supports Youthful Skin 

25% of skin aging is genetic, leaving the other 75% to lifestyle, environmental, and epigenetic factors in which sleep plays a large role. A 2015 study found poor quality sleep to be associated with increased signs of intrinsic aging, as well as diminished skin barrier function and lower satisfaction with one’s appearance. 

How Many Hours of Beauty Sleep Do I Need? 

In today’s go-go culture, getting a quality night’s sleep is easier said than done. But it truly is necessary. Science shows that getting seven to nine hours of quality rest (the word quality is key here—not all sleep is created equal!) each night is imperative for keeping your mind and body healthy, and that includes your skin and hair.

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