What is Watercress and Why do you Need it? By Bethann Wagner

Okay so what is watercress? It is one of the oldest known aquatic plants with history dating back to the Romans, Persians and Greeks. Rich in vitamins A, C, E and K, these active ingredients are known to fight premature aging.

It is super old and has obviously proven itself useful for centuries, but it is my new favorite superfood for the skin because of it’s long term (huge source of phenylethyl isothiocynate (PEITC) which can help prevent cancer) and some pretty useful short-term benefits too. After one too many glasses of wine on date night watercress is my best friend because it helps balance the skin’s moisture levels and reduces puffiness thanks to lutein and beta-carotene. Trust me, a little watercress and a derma roller goes a long way, friends.

If you want to really geek out about skin care with me, let’s not brush over the fact that research on skin elasticity from the Shiseido Group™, yes, the global Japanese cosmetics company, shows that Type III collagen begins to deteriorate in people in their 30s (hi that’s me), thereby beginning to lose elasticity. Results of the Shiseido research indicate that watercress extract works on the dermal cells and promotes the production of type III collagen.  Can I get a hallelujah?

So what are you waiting for? Hemp aka “nature’s most perfectly balanced oil”  and watercress is a must for your skincare routine. My favorite formula is from Sacred Mama Organics. They take organics really seriously and know a thing or two about natural ingredients. The founder has been experimenting with at-home remedies using watercress since she was a teenager; her dad was a watercress farmer for over 70 years.  Get your hands on this oil and start seeing that rich-girl glow you though only super-models could achieve. 

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