The Roman Goddess
The Roman Goddess
The Roman Goddess

The Roman Goddess

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The Roman Goddess is designed for a total body gua sha experience. For those who are prone to musculoskeletal pain or chronic inflammation, this beauty is for you.

The straight edges of the Roman Goddess are perfect for larger areas of the body such as the back, neck, shoulder, arms, legs and abdomen. Working the curved edges gently around the joints can help to break up calcium deposits. Firmer strokes can be applied when treating the body to break up the fascia and improve blood & lymph flow. Press and scrape in one direction with even strokes until the “sha” or redness appears. 

Pair your gua sha treatment with your favorite facial oil for smooth, light pressured strokes and for better absorption of your oil. For use on the body, jojoba oil is a great choice, using more pressured strokes similar to a deep tissue massage.

The frequency of your gua sha treatments will depend on your skin type and your goal. Start with a few times a week and go from there. Gua sha should not be applied to broken skin or moles, those who have bleeding disorders or who may be allergic to copper and/or metals.

Whether treating your face or body, always warm the area first as this will help to get the blood flowing. Drink plenty of water after your treatment to flush out the toxins.

Breathe with gratitude and always follow your intuition! 

Our gua sha tools are 99.9% high purity copper, with trace minerals of zinc & iron, and are completely free from lead and toxic heavy metals. Your copper tool will come packaged in a linen bag that is 100% biodegradable. Included is a soft cloth that consists of organic hemp and bamboo to keep your gua sha tool clean and protected when not in use. Use a gentle castile soap and/or white vinegar and wipe your gua sha tool clean. Your copper tool may turn a lovely, distinctive patina, only adding to the beauty of this magical and sacred element.