5 Fall Skincare Tips for Autumn 2021

As summer turns to fall and the weather begins to change, our wardrobe isn't the only thing we need to transition. Autumn weather means a drop in temperature (grab your sweater!) but also a drop in humidity. This mixture of dry air and the dry heat from our indoor heating systems typically results in one thing—dry skin.

But knowing how to prepare your skin for this transitional season means that you can avoid dry, itchy, flaky skin and just embrace the good skin days with your warm apple cider and worn-in flannels. To learn how to keep your healthy, glowing skin this autumn season, check out our top 5 fall skincare tips below.

1. Exfoliate (but not too much)

When the weather gets colder and the humidity drops, our skin becomes more dry and sensitive. This lack of moisture in the air can leave our skin drier than usual with an excess of dead skin cells. Luckily, we can use gentle forms of exfoliation (such as chemical exfoliants and plant enzymes) to remove those dead skin cells, prevent clogged pores, and even skin tone. 

However, too much of a good thing, especially as the temperature drops, can lead to tiny cracks in the skin barrier that ultimately causes more moisture loss and inflammation. To avoid any skin barrier damage, use your chemical exfoliants less often or opt for a more gentle form of exfoliation such as an enzyme cleanser.

2. Opt for a thicker moisturizer

Depending on your skin type, it's likely you were using a lightweight moisturizer during the warmer months. However, chillier weather and lower humidity levels make it a lot easier for skin hydration levels to plummet and moisture barriers to be broken. That's why it's always a good idea to opt for a thicker, creamier moisturizer in the fall and winter months, especially if you have dry or mature skin.

3. Invest in a nourishing facial oil

We know that facial oils are misunderstood, but that doesn't mean they aren't a skincare treasure. Our Superfood Beauty Oil contains a blend of nourishing, anti-inflammatory, and collagen-boosting oils and plant extracts that provide the skin with lasting moisture (even in colder weather).

To keep your skin healthy this fall and winter, lightly massage a few drops of facial oil into your skin as the last step in your skincare routine. For those wanting extra moisture, layer the oil over your nighttime cream or mix a few drops in with your moisturizer.

4. Switch to a moisturizing cleanser

This tip is such an easy switch you can make to transition your skincare routine from summer to fall. Simply swap out your current cleanser for a creamy, moisturizing one with ceramides, oats, and humectants like hyaluronic acid.

5. Consider using a humidifier

If you don't already have a humidifier at home, consider getting one asap! These little guys give your skin and the air in your home, apartment, or office a much-needed boost of hydration during the colder months. Humidifiers will balance the lower humidity levels in the air, so your skin barrier stays healthy, protected, and plump-looking all autumn (and winter) long. Pair this tip with a nourishing skincare routine, and you're set for the season!

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