Face Oils 101

Face Oils 101

Face oils may be one of the skincare world’s most misunderstood treasures. While the word “oil” may sound intimidating (and counterproductive for those of us with naturally oily skin), the right formulation can be a complexion gamechanger. You may have some questions before you try out your first face oil. What is a face oil? Is it right for me? How do I use it? Let’s help you get started! 

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What Is A Face Oil? 

Imagine this – a potent supply of skin-friendly vitamins, fats, and minerals blended into a powerhouse creation. That is the bare and basic definition of a facial beauty oil. It’s important to note that not all face oils are created equal. The quality and purpose of the product is dependent on the ingredient types and concentration.

Are Face Oils Right For Me?

Let's start by asking a few easy questions to determine if a face oil is right for you…

Do you have dry skin?
Is your skin oily?
Are you acne-prone?
Do you need mild products for sensitive skin?
Are you interested in aging gracefully?

Regardless of whether you said yes or no to the questions above, a face oil is the right addition to your skincare ritual! What it comes down to is the ingredients contained within the face oil. If your skin tends to produce blemishes, you’ll want to make sure your face oil contains NON-COMODEGENIC ingredients that rate below two on a scale of 5. Sorry coconut oil, you’re a 4 and that means acne! If dry skin is your problem, some oils have significant moisturizing benefits due to the lipid level in the formula. Alternatively, oily skin will benefit from “dry” oils such as Hemp Seed oil, that quickly soak into your complexion and balance sebum production. While this may seem counterproductive, it’s important to remember that oil combats oil! Oily skin can become balanced through the use of specific oils. Even sensitive skin will rejoice with the fact that most facial oils are mild enough to be used without irritation (watch out for artificial fragrances since these can be harsh). Additionally, aging gracefully is a desire we all share. Fats/lipids and an extra boost of hydration for skin barrier protection will help us achieve this goal!

Regardless of your complexion woes, the right face oil will enrich your skin’s health.

How Do I Use A Face Oil?

The actual application of a face oil is reasonably straightforward – avoid contamination by using a dropper to dispense the oil on your face and gently massage it into your skin. If you want your skin to absorb the most nutrients possible, it is advisable to use your face oil immediately following a shower or after cleansing. This process opens up your pores in preparation for the face oil. It’s important to remember that more is less, so 4-6 drops should be enough to achieve an even application; however, you may have to experiment because every face is unique!

To ensure that your skin can efficiently absorb the beneficial oils, you’ll want to apply your products in the correct order . During the day, your face oil will be your second-to-last step (right behind sunscreen). At night, it will be your final step. You can even try blending a small amount of your face oil with a face cream or liquid foundation. The flexibility of face oils makes it very easy to incorporate into ANY routine!

Beginner-Friendly Face Oils

Whether you’re entirely new to face oils or want a minimalistic approach to feeding your complexion, we’ve made a checklist for the best facial oil composition.
You need…

  • Non-comedogenic, plant based-ingredients (cruelty-free, for the win)
  • Moisture barrier healing and strengthening
  • Bacteria eliminating
  • Oil/sebum balancing

At Sacred Mama Organics, we’ve taken all of these vital requirements and kept them in mind while testing, blending, and perfecting our Superfood Beauty Oil . We desired to create a face oil that EVERYONE could use, regardless of gender, skin type, and personal values. Our formulation uses 99% natural and organic ingredients so that you can nurture your skin and preserve the beauty of Mother Earth.

Try Superfood Beauty Oil for yourself and give yourself the gift of glowing skin.

My face feels so soft from the time I wake up until the time I’m putting my little ones to bed. 
It’s that super! ~Skylar

Love the consistency of this oil. Not too thick and greasy. It’s lightweight and absorbs into my skin so easily. ~Kelly

Woke up with less redness and hydrated skin thanks to their Superfood Beauty Oil, made with hemp seed oil. ~Ally






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