Applying Oil to Damp Skin

When it comes to applying facial oil, there are countless tips and tricks that can elevate your experience and the results you get. But there’s one facial oil trick we always come back to—applying the oil to damp skin. Below, we’re sharing all the details on why applying oil to damp skin is key for effective application.

Why Use Facial Oil?

First, if you’re not already using a facial oil in your routine – now is the best time to start! These skincare superstars are a concentrated blend of plant-based oils and botanicals rich in anti-aging antioxidants, glow-boosting vitamins, moisturizing fatty acids, and so much more. They truly are a one-stop product for delivering your skin with valuable, natural, high-performing nutrients.

To learn more about facial oils and what they can do for your skin, check out this blog post, which details everything you need to know about this skincare treasure.  

Why You Should Apply Your Facial Oil on Damp Skin 

Applying your facial oil to damp skin is one skincare secret backed by experts and the team at Sacred Mama®. Here’s why: 

Damp skin is more receptive to products, meaning you get more out of the ingredients in your skincare when your skin is slightly damp and ready to drink in all those nutrients. It’s the same logic behind why skin experts recommend applying your moisturizer to slightly damp skin instead of dry skin, because the moisturizer will seal the water sitting on the surface, leading to more hydrated, plumper skin. 

Damp skin also helps spread the product evenly and smoothly across the skin, ensuring each area gets the proper amount of oil for a dewy, hydrated glow. 

However, applying your oil when your skin is too wet will dilute the product and decrease the effectiveness of the ingredients. How do you know if your skin is too wet? Well, a key sign that your skin is still too wet is if it’s dripping. If you’ve just cleansed or sprayed your face, gently pat your skin with a clean towel, making sure it’s still damp to the touch but not visibly wet. 

How to Best Apply Your Facial Oil 

  1. To apply your facial oil, you’ll want to begin with clean, prepped skin. You can apply our Superfood Beauty Oil morning and night—just make sure your skin has been thoroughly cleansed before use. If you apply any toners, serums, or facial mists, do so at this step. 
  1. While your skin is still slightly damp, dispense a few drops of oil in your hands, gently rubbing your palms together before pressing the oil into the skin. The warming process helps to activate all the goodies in your oil. Using your hands, you can do a mini lymphatic facial massage while gently working your way around the face, neck, and décolleté to reduce puffiness and inflammation. We like to cup our hands around our nose and inhale the Sacred Mama signature, plant-based aroma that provides an uplifting self-care experience. 
  1. If your skin requires an additional application throughout the day, we recommend taking a spray bottle filled with clean distilled water or a hydrosol facial mist and generously spraying it over the skin. While your skin is still slightly damp, reapply your facial oil. 

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