Summer to Fall Skin Detox: How to Revitalize Your Skin Post-Summer

Now that summer is officially over, it’s time to get our mind, body, and energy aligned with the new season. Autumn is one of the most magical times of the year, as the cooler weather encourages us to spend more time leaning into self-love and self-discovery. 

Fall is also the perfect time to revitalize your skin post-summer. While summer can be a beautiful time for your skin, it can also be a stressful one as we’re more exposed to sun, chlorine, sweat, salt water, all-day activities, and so much more. If you’re ready to give your skin a fall glow-up, keep reading. 


1. Refresh and Rehydrate 

Hydration is crucial not just for your skin but for your entire body. If you spent the summer soaking up the sun and indulging in sugar and alcohol, the best way to feel and look refreshed is to hydrate. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day and munching on water-rich foods. As for skincare, incorporate a hydrating toner, essence, or serum into your routine that features humectants like hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, or glycerin.

2. Stick to Gentle Cleansers 

Autumn is all about being gentle with ourselves and our skin! Instead of heavy exfoliators or stripping face cleansers, opt for soothing face washes. An oil cleanser is ideal for whisking away dirt and makeup. Dry skin types might want to reach for a nourishing, creamy wash, while normal to oily skin types should look for a pH-balanced purifying cleanser.

3. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture 

All skin types need a little extra (or a lot extra) moisture in the fall and winter months. Using nutrient-dense moisturizers full of emollient-rich plant oils and ceramides will hydrate parched post-summer skin and bring it back to life. Incorporating deeply nourishing products into your routine – like our Superfood Beauty Oil – will improve skin elasticity, glow, firmness, and moisturization with consistent use. Don’t forget to moisturize your body too! 

4. At-Home Lymphatic Drainage Massages 

If you find your skin or body is looking puffy and feeling stagnant, that’s a clear sign it’s time to nourish your lymphatic system. Unlike other bodily systems, our lymphatic system needs manual help to move lymph, toxins, and stagnant fluids from our body. (You can read more about the lymphatic system here: “6 Natural Ways to Clear Lymph Congestion.”

Dry brushing is one method we can use to assist in the transportation and removal of these excess fluids, but another is gua sha. Gua sha massages support lymphatic drainage by moving stagnant lymph toward the lymph nodes for proper drainage. You can use a facial gua sha stone for targeting areas like the face, neck, and décolletage, and a full body gua sha stone to target larger areas like the stomach, legs, and arms.

5. Vitamin C Inside and Out 

The transition from summer to fall is the most critical time to prep your immune system for the winter ahead. That’s where vitamin C comes in. Not only does eating vitamin C rich foods boost your immunity, but it helps you give you that healthy glow from the inside out. 

Adding vitamin C to your skincare routine can also help keep dull, tired, inflamed skin at bay. For best results, go for a high-quality vitamin C serum, and lock in that goodness with our Superfood Beauty Oil that’s naturally full of vitamin C-rich plant extracts like watercress.

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